Why Pest Commander

Pest and rodent infestations are unfortunately becoming a bigger problem for many people in Texas. From bed bugs to termites, it may seem that there is no escape! Luckily, if you are located in East Texas, Pest Commander can help your with every type of pest control and exterminator need.

Think you have a pest problem? Call the Pest Commander today! Locally owned and operated, we are dedicated to eradicating any unwanted free-loaders in your home or on your property! From bed bug removal to termite control we are the best in the game when it comes to pest control. Don’t wait until your pest problem is overwhelming your property, contact us today and our expert exterminators will ensure the health and wellness of your family, home, and environment!

We effectively remove insects and rodents with Eco-friendly solutions and take preventative steps to make sure they don’t come back! We offer the Exterra Termite Baiting System for the elimination of termites. We also offer a variety of pest services including but not limited to chemical barrier, baiting, trapping, and advising on things such as exclusion of pest and sanitation practices.